I've got problems with my neighbours what do I do?

Neighbours will naturally have different values, opinions or lifestyles and sometimes this can cause problems. We need to remember though that we all have a right to live our lives and part of being a good neighbour is about allowing some give and take.

Step one: Try talking

Most people do not realise they are causing a problem and are reasonable if approached in person. So why not try talking to the person/people responsible for whatever is causing you a problem. 

However, if your neighbour is unreasonable, leave the discussion.

Step Two: Mediation

If after listening to each other’s views, you’re unable to reach an agreement, mediation may help. It’s an informal, confidential and independent service available to help neighbours sort out their differences and reach an agreement.

Mediators are experienced in dealing with a range of disputes  including noise, behaviour of young people/visitors, fences and boundaries, parking spaces, rubbish.
They can help you and your neighbour(s) understand each other’s point of view and reach a solution by: 

  • Setting ground rules for discussions
  • Making sure the views of both sides are heard
  • Suggesting ways forward 
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