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Immediate Response Repairs

Some repairs require an immediate response. We will deal with your repair within four hours if your repair is assessed as needing immediate action. Immediate response repairs include:



If your electricity fails we will repair the fault unless there is a failure in the electricity-company supply or a pay meter has run out. If there has been flooding through the electrics, we will make this safe.



If there is no water to the property, we will restore the supply if the fault is our responsibility, but not if it is the water company’s responsibility.



We will deal with flooding if it cannot be contained and there is a chance that it will damage the building or electricity, or leak to a lower floor. If the flooding is your fault, we will charge you our costs of dealing with this.


Blocked Toilet

If you do not have another toilet on the property, we will clear this. If you do have another toilet, we will treat this repair as urgent.


Doors and Windows

If there has been a fire or someone has tried to break in, we will make the property safe.


Being Locked Out

If you are locked out, we will only treat this as an immediate response if you are elderly or have a disability, but we may charge you our costs for doing this.

You cannot get into the property because of a faulty lock
We will only deal with this as an immediate response if you cannot get into the property because of a faulty lock. If you are locked out because you have lost your key, it is your responsibility and you should contact a private locksmith.

We have further examples online. 

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