Moving on

Mutual exchanges

Certain tenants have the right to exchange their tenancy with other social tenants. This is known as a mutual exchange and is an agreement by two or more tenants to swap their homes.

You can exchange if you are a ‘lifetime’ assured or secure tenant or a fixed term tenant. You must have the permission of all landlords involved in the exchange, and must not owe us any rent.

We can refuse a mutual exchange if:

  • the property is too big or small for your household;
  • there is a possession order in place against either you or the other tenant;
  • we have served a notice of seeking possession on you or the other tenant;
  • we have served an antisocial behaviour injunction against you or the other tenant; or
  • your home is for a disabled person or a person with other support needs and the person you are planning to exchange with does not meet the relevant conditions.


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