Resident Voice

Resident Voice (RV) is a panel of residents elected by residents. We work in partnership with RV to improve our homes, neighbourhoods and services. RV promotes and encourages greater resident involvement. Each member is elected for three years. 

Resident Voice members
John Barker  
“I was involved with the Independent Tenants’ Committee and RV seemed a natural follow on. I put myself forward to work with SBHA and give residents an input into policy and service delivery.”
Vanessa Eden  

I believe in the importance of my local community and its local services. It’s very important residents have a say in the delivery of services. SBHA is in a position where it can make a difference to people’s lives and I would like to help SBHA rise to that challenge. It's vital that SBHA hears a balanced and accurate point of view and just as important for residents to receive clear communication, particularly on policy and practice. This two way communication is vital."

Jacqueline Fraser   “I wanted to make a practical contribution to SBHA following the support shown to me over 20 years ago. At times I have felt overlooked and that’s why I feel it is important that residents have a voice.”
Samir Ramadan   "I have been involved in various forums and wanted to use my experience to work with SBHA to ensure that everyone receives a high quality of service, especially the elderly and people with disabilities. RV plays an important role in ensuring SBHA is accountable and true to its purpose.”
Fernando Monteiro   "I am delighted to have been re-elected to the RV. Over the past three years it has been good to witness that residents' involvement does make a big difference to SBHA and that the association is striving to accommodate residents' views and suggestions. I look forward to continuing to work together with SBHA so that we get an outstanding repairs service, maintaining affordable rents and making sure that SBHA finds the right balance between looking after its current housing stock and building new affordable homes."
Wendy Llewellyn    A tenant for three years, Wendy joined RV to learn more about SBHG and be more involved. She said: "all the members are really friendly and everyone listens. I feel a part of something and have an input. We make a difference."
Marika Lecointe   “I’m very pleased to be a member of the Resident Voice. Being a teacher, as well as working with very vulnerable people in the past, I feel I have a range of skills which will aid me in this position.” 
William Scanlon   "I'm proud of my home, grateful and enthusiastic for the future and I'd like to give something back to SBHA. I don't just want to be a tenant; I want to be involved. I have skills that will be useful and enjoy representing people and causes that I believe in. Both my personal and professional experiences can be put to good use for the benefit of both residents and SBHA. I am very interested in homeless prevention and by being involved with the residents and SBHA. I will hope to help act as a voice that nudges policy and societal thinking towards a better understanding of adversity."
Jonny Shapiro   "With a lifelong interest in architecture and community, I’ve been a social housing tenant for some 16 years, was previously chair of a residents’ association, and remain a strong believer in the value of resident involvement and dialogue between tenant and landlord. It’s all too easy to forget that as tenants these are our family homes every bit as much as if we owned them, and with this in mind I will listen to residents’ concerns and do my best to ensure our voices are heard, working together to improve the place we call home."
RV meets twice a quarter. One meeting reviews and discusses current policies and procedures. The second plans RV work programme. RV also:
» monitors work on estates and empty homes;
» plans events and forums to meet with other residents;
» produces an RV newsletter for all residents;
» keeps informed of national events and issues that affect resident involvement to feedback to other residents; and
» offers training and support to residents who wish to get involved and develop skills and knowledge to ensure they can fully participate.
For more information about Resident Voice, email Martin Horne at or call 020 8996 8811.