Estate Inspections

We think it's really important that you know when we are on site at your block. Below you will be able to find the cleaning schedule, estate inspection schedule and Housing Services Manager inspections for your block. If you would like to attend an estate inspection, please get in touch

We are committed to providing residents with safe, comfortable and well-maintained homes. We also understand that residents want to see their surrounding areas and estates well looked after. That’s why we offer cleaning and maintenance services to ensure that our estates are kept clean and tidy. Our dedicated team works in all weather conditions, from cutting the lawn to cleaning floors and from picking up litter to removing graffiti. You can learn more about our services and their frequency, here.

About Shepherds Bush Housing Group

About Shepherds Bush Housing Association

Part of The Guinness Partnership, we have more than 5000 homes, throughout nine boroughs in west London

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