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Condensation, Damp and Mould

Housing Associations now have a greater focus on damp and mould since the Housing Ombudsman’s Spotlight Report. We are determined to work with customers to resolve any issues of damp and mould that they may be living with.

We have made a number of commitments to you. We want to move from:

  • Reactive to proactive
  • Inferring blame to taking responsibility
  • Disrepair claims to resolution
  • Complaints to a learning culture

You can read more about our Damp and Mould Commitments, here.

What is condensation?

Condensation is when the moisture in the air of your home settles on a cold surface, normally on a wall or window, causing water to appear.

What is damp?

Damp is when moisture collects on a surface, often a ceiling or a wall, and doesn’t have a chance to fully dry out. Damp often builds up in areas where there is limited ventilation. Damp can often lead to mould.

What is mould?

If damp is left and not properly resolved, mould can form. Mould is a fungus which often appears as small black spots on walls and ceilings. Mould can be removed by scrubbing the affected area with an anti-fungal spray which can be purchased from a supermarket.

Damp and mould can be easily treated where condensation is the cause. Our top 5 tips will help to reduce condensation in your home:

  • Minimise the amount of moisture in your home
  • Improve air movement
  • Minimise cold surfaces
  • Wipe away condensation
  • Treat outbreaks of mould

You can find more information in our: 

Damp and Mould Leaflet  Damp and Mould Video


If your home is affected by damp and mould and you or anyone else in your household has a vulnerability please get in touch with us at: customer.service@sbhg.co.uk or on 020 8996 4200.

If you would like to report damp and mould in your home please complete the online form here: 

Report Damp and Mould

A Message from our CEO

We are committed to tackling damp and mould; we will work with you to determine the root cause and necessary resolution. In spring 2022, we launched our damp and mould framework that sets out our commitments to residents and we are making good progress with our journey to:

•    Being proactive rather than reactive
•    Not inferring blame and taking responsibility
•    Moving disrepair claims to resolution
•    Using complaints to build a learning culture

Read more from our CEO, here

Mould and Damp Residents Forum

The Damp and Mould Residents forum has summarised the challenges and problems that our residents have experienced in their homes. By recognising this, we have helped to improve the communication and difficulties between the landlords and residents regarding damp and mould.

You can find out more about our new Damp and Mould Policy, an improved repairs service for damp and mould issues and create awareness on how to manage condensation in your home - to learn more, click here  

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