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Buying your Home

If you would like to buy a home of your own but can’t quite afford to, you might be eligible for shared ownership. Shared ownership helps people who cannot afford to buy a home outright. You buy a share of one of our shared-ownership properties and pay rent on the share you do not own. Gradually, you can buy more shares and eventually own all of your home. Please visit our website or phone us for details. For more information about shared ownership check out our shared ownership and private sales brand,  BE WEST .

You may be eligible for the Right to Acquire scheme which helps tenants buy their home at a reduced price. To be eligible your property must have Right to Acquire status and you must have been a social tenant for a certain amount of time.

Your property must also have been either:

  • built or bought by us after 31 March 1997 
  • transferred from a local council to us after 31 March 1997

Contact us for more information and to apply, 

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