Selling your home

There may come a time when you decide to sell your shared ownership home. The process is straightforward. Here is a brief summary of the steps:

» A survey will be carried out to establish current market value.

» We market your home to people who are approved/qualified for shared ownership during the “nomination period” (This is determined in the lease. It is usually two months).

» If a buyer is found during this period, a formal offer to purchase your share is made on behalf of the purchaser by us.

» On receipt of your agreement, solicitors are notified and the usual conveyance process begins.

» Your sale should complete in approximately six to eight weeks.

At the end of the “nomination period” if we have not nominated a purchaser, you can sell your home on the open market. You can instruct any estate agent you wish and simultaneously staircase (increase your equity share in your home) to 100% on completion of your sale.

 If you intend to have a valuation carried out, you need to inform us.  Please email or

What's the next step?

You can access the forms you need and a list of our approved suveryors by contacting the Home Ownership team at or calling 020 8996 4200.