1. SBHG Home

  2. Customers

    1. Tenants
      1. Changes to your Rent from April 2024
      2. Find a Home
      3. Repairing & Maintaining your Home
      4. Pay your Rent
      5. Moving Home
      6. Buying your Home
    2. Homeowners
      1. Your Service Charge
      2. Homeowner Responsibilities
      3. Shared Ownership BE WEST
      4. Extending your Lease
      5. Staircasing
      6. Selling your Home
      7. Building Insurance Information
      8. Major Works & Section 20
    3. General
      1. Estate Plans
      2. Customer Charter
      3. Customer Handbook
        1. Your Customer Handbook
          1. Welcome
          2. Customer Handbook Downloadable PDF
          3. Our Customer Charter
        2. Repairs
          1. How do I report a repair
          2. How do I report a defect in my new home?
          3. Appointments
          4. Tenants repair responsibilities
          5. Landlord repair responsibilities
          6. How quickly will you deal with my repair?
          7. How do I report a communal repair?
          8. Which repairs are recharged to me?
          9. Who is responsible for the cyclical maintenance programme?
          10. How do I report an aid or adaptation to my home?
          11. What to expect from our repairs service?
          12. Delays in carrying out your repairs
          13. What compensation you can expect for service failure
          14. Monitoring our repairs service
        3. Contact us
          1. Contact us on Social Media
          2. Contact us by phone
          3. Contact us online
          4. Emergency repairs
          5. Contact us by post
          6. Visiting our office
        4. Confidentiality and data protection
          1. Confidentiality and how your data is used
        5. Leaseholder hub
          1. Repairs hub
          2. Customer Portal – your online rent account
          3. How do I pay rent or service charges?
          4. Service Charges explained
          5. Your lease explained
          6. Your mortgage explained
          7. Property Maintenance and Alterations
          8. Major works and section 20 consultations
          9. All things insurance
          10. Safety in your home
          11. How can I move on?
          12. How can I own more of my property?
        6. Paying your rent
          1. Customer Portal – your online rent account
          2. When do I pay my rent?
          3. How do I pay my rent or service charges?
          4. I need help with rent arrears
          5. What do I need to know about claiming benefits?
          6. What to do if you get a Rent Arrears Letter
        7. Your tenancy
          1. What is a Starter tenancy?
          2. What happens after the Starter Period?
          3. What is a Fixed Term tenancy?
          4. What being a tenant means
          5. Breaking a condition of your tenancy
          6. Moving into your new home
          7. Standards for your new home
          8. Ending my tenancy
          9. Notifying you of changes to my household
          10. Moving out
          11. Can I keep a pet?
          12. What should I do if a tenant dies
        8. Property maintenance
          1. When do we replace kitchens and bathrooms?
          2. What is a stock condition survey?
          3. Can I make improvements or alterations to my property?
          4. What can I do about condensation and damp?
        9. Pest Control
          1. What do I do about pest control?
        10. Cleaning, Gardening and Communal Services
          1. What communal services are provided?
          2. My garden is shared, what are my responsibilities?
          3. I have my own garden – what are my responsibilities?
          4. Who collects waste and recycling?
          5. What do I do about bulky rubbish?
        11. Areas outside of your home
          1. What happens with abandoned vehicles?
          2. When can I expect an estate inspection?
          3. What do I do about parking?
          4. If I am a leaseholder, what do I do about parking?
        12. Safety in your home
          1. What do I do about contents insurance?
          2. What should I do if there is a fire?
          3. How do we keep your electrical installations safe?
          4. What do I do if I have a gas problem?
          5. How is asbestos managed?
          6. How to avoid Legionella?
        13. Domestic violence and abuse
          1. How do I report abuse?
          2. Where can I find help and support?
        14. Antisocial behaviour and hate crime
          1. What is anti-social behaviour?
          2. What is hate crime?
          3. How do we manage this?
          4. How do I report abuse?
          5. I've got problems with my neighbours what do I do?
        15. Get involved
          1. Get involved in what we do
          2. How can I get involved?
          3. As a homeowner how can I get involved?
        16. Feedback and complaints
          1. Why complain?
          2. How do I complain?
          3. Timeframe for responses
        17. Moving on
          1. Relationship breakdown
          2. Mutual Exchange
          3. Buying your own home
      4. Money Management
      5. Building Safety
      6. Damp and Mould
      7. Home Contents Insurance
      8. Resident Voice
      9. Feedback and Complaints
      10. Anti-Social Behaviour & Hate Crime
  3. Repairs

    1. Report a Repair
    2. Emergency Repairs
    3. How to Videos
    4. Repairs Responsibilities
    5. Recharge Policy
  4. About Us

    1. Our Mission, Vision and Values
      1. Our Performance
    2. Governance & Board
    3. Executive Team
    4. Careers
      1. Current Vacancies
    5. ED&I
    6. Publications & Reports
    7. Policies & Strategies
    8. Our Developments
  5. Contact us

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