Our Benefits Calculator

Our benefits calculator will help you find out what benefits you can claim.

The calculator is free to use, and the details you provide are anonymous.

Before you start, make sure you have information about your savings, income, pensions and existing benefits (for you and your partner).

If you run out of time, you can save your calculation and come back to it later, and pick up right where you left off. Click below to get started.

 Benefit Calculator

How we can help

Energy Help

We know that the cost of energy is really impacting our customers. Between 1 January to 31 March 2024 the energy price cap is set at £1,928 a year for a typical household who use gas and electricity and pay by Direct Debit. 

The price cap ensures that prices for people on default energy tariffs are fair and that they reflect the cost of energy. Ofgem update the level every three months to reflect changes in underlying costs as well as inflation.

The price cap does not limit your total bill, which depends on how much energy you use. The way you pay for your energy, where you live, your meter type and your consumption will affect your energy bill.  

You can find some helpful information about the support we can provide on our Energy Support and Advice Page.

Welfare Benefits Advisors

Our team of Welfare Benefits Advisors can help you, free of charge, on the following topics:

Checking Benefit Entitlement

  • Finding out what benefits you are eligible for, their effects on existing benefits, how much you could get and help you make a claim.
  • Form filling.

Benefit Problems

  • Challenging benefit decisions, sanctions and delays in payments.

Representation at Tribunals

  • Preparing and submitting your appeal and representation at your tribunal hearing.

Money Management

  • Budgeting advice.
  • Maximising income and applying for help from charities.

Help for Homeowners

Helping Hand

For a limited time we are offering a fund specifically for our Shared & Homeowners. The fund can help cover the following expenses and more:

  • Day-to-day living expenses such as utility bills
  • The cost of the weekly shop
  • Support accessing uniform for your children
  • White Goods

To see if you are eligible, please contact, The Income Team on 020 8996 8874 or email, Income.Team@sbhg.co.uk

Talk to us

We are offering face to face appointments in Mulliner House and virtual appointments on Microsoft Teams to discuss your service charge account. We will be able to discuss payment arrangements and the various ways we can support you to manage your finances. To book an appointment please email Income.Team@sbhg.co.uk.

Managing your Debts

If you have debts such as credit cards, store cards or are struggling to make card repayments and want to receive support and advice please talk to us and we can arrange a referral to one of our Debt Advice partners; Or you may wish to contact them directly via the links below

Our Customer Welfare Support Offer

At SBHA we believe in offering a preventative and supportive service that reaches customers who need it most.

Whether our customers find themselves in vulnerable situations or are just about getting by, one of our key aims is to provide accessible support open to all to minimise arrears and sustain tenancies.

This offer set out the services that we can provide in house and through a variety of partnerships.


Other Sources of help

There are many organisations that can give you advice if you are experiencing financial problems.

The Money Advice Service offers financial guidance and advice. You can also phone them on 0800 138 167

The National Debtline offers free, confidential advice to people who are experiencing debt problems. You can also phone them on 0808 808 4000

Citizens Advice provides free advice on a number of issues such as debt, benefits and housing. There are centres around the country; you can find your local centre on their website. 

Turn2us is a national charity helping people when times get tough. They provide financial support to help people get back on track.

Law Centres defend the legal rights of people who cannot afford a lawyer. They are specialists working in their local communities to uphold justice and advance equality.

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