Which repairs are recharged to me?

The vast majority of our tenants keep their homes in good condition, but where damage is caused deliberately or through neglect the repairs needed will be fixed at the tenant’s cost. These are known as ‘rechargeable repairs’.


Security of your home

You are responsible for the security of your home. If repairs are required due to misuse, neglect or carelessness such as:

  • Loss of door keys or fobs
  • Broken glass to windows
  • Disengaging window restrictors

These will be recharged. We will secure the property if required and recharge you for this and any replacement of glass. You will also have to pay if keys are lost or stolen and we have to replace them.


Home emergencies

If you call our out-of-hours service and it is established that there is to be a recharge, we will make safe and write to you to confirm the cost of the recharge. Examples include:

  • Attend to the emergency call out and you are not in
  • The contractor attends and finds that it is your appliance that has tripped the main fuse
  • A smashed or damaged wash hand basin or toilet
  • A blocked toilet, kitchen sink or bath through inappropriate use

Please note that if you report any emergency out-of-hours and our contractor attends and establishes it is a non-emergency job we will charge you for a call-out fee on top of any work completed.

During normal working hours, you will be notified when the contractor will be calling. If you are unable to stay at your property or you are out when we call but have not made any arrangement with us, you will be recharged for missing the appointment.


What if the damage is caused by crime?

If you have been an innocent victim of crime and criminal damage has been caused, you must report it to the police and inform us of the case reference number. You may be able to claim through your own home contents insurance for loss or damage caused as a direct result of theft or attempted theft (for example forced entry/exit). You will need to check this with your insurance company.


Home Contents Insurance


What if the police force entry to my home?

The police may need to force entry to your home to detect or prevent crime. If there is evidence that you committed the crime then the cost of any repairs is your responsibility. If there is no evidence of a crime, there will not be a recharge.


Will I be recharged if a leak from my property damages the flat below?

If the leak was due to damage or neglect and this is established, then we will look to recharge you.

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