Moving home?

The time may come when you want to move home.  Whether you move to another part of London, a different part of the country or to a smaller home, we can help. We give you all of the options here. If you need further information our housing advisors can help.

Home bigger than you need?


image of a property

If you have more bedrooms than you need, we can help you move. Click here for more information.

Moving in?

When you move into one of our homes it will meet our lettable standard. Click here for information.

Handing in your keys?

We must receive them from you in person on a Monday before 9.30am. If we receive them after this, you may be charged an additional week's rent.

Interested in moving home?

If you wish to move home you need to register with us. Pop along to our housing advice surgery Tuesdays (10am to 12.30pm) or Fridays (2pm to 4pm) so we can go through your options.