Can I make improvements or alterations to my property?

You must seek our permission before doing any alterations/ works to your property.

Some examples of the types of work that requires Landlord's Consent are, but not limited to:

  • Installing new windows
  • Replacing a boiler or central heating system 
  • Changing the existing internal layout
  • Removing walls or creating a new opening
  • Building an extension

The following works may require Landlord’s Consent and you should contact us to confirm:

  • Replacing kitchen and bathroom units

Responsibility for obtaining and complying with any necessary planning permission and/or building regulation consent for the work (including completion certificates) and for supplying us with copies lies with you. We will need to see the estimates/receipts and any plans and drawings.

When you come to sell your buyer will also need to see copies of these documents and evidence that we gave permission, or it could cause a delay in your sale.

It is not always the case that property ‘improvements’ increase the value of your home or that the value of your home will increase by the amount spent on alterations.

We will charge you for works carried out as we need to record the works/alterations you have made.

If you need to make adaptations because you or a member of your family is disabled, please contact us as we can advise on possible sources of advice and financial assistance.


What can I do about condensation and damp?

Condensation is caused when moisture in the air hits a cold surface and creates drops of water. It is usually worse in the kitchen and bathroom. Condensation happens mainly during cold weather.

It can be identified on the wall as little black dots which are spores and usually appears on cold surfaces and where the air moves very little, such as around window frames and behind furniture.

To stop the mould coming back, you should deal with the cause of the condensation. You can reduce this happening by opening windows and air vents, putting lids on saucepans when you are cooking and keeping your home warm (but ventilated) during winter.

You can treat the patches of black mould with water mixed with a small amount of bleach.

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