Get involved

Our residents are involved in everything we do. This shapes our services and keeps us accountable. If you want to get involved, we'll find a way that suits you. Here are some of the ways you can get involved.

Resident Voice

Resident Voice is an elected panel to represent your views. The ballot is now open and your ballot paper is on its way to you.


Four of our board members are residents. The ballot is now open and your ballot paper is on its way to you.

Customer complaints improvement panel

After feedback we received on our Big Conversation, Resident Voice and the SBHG service improvement team have reviewed our complaints policy and established a customer complaints improvement panel. We're looking for two tenants and and a leaseholder to join.


Our Intouch manager, Jane Sheehan, works with residents and staff to make sure residents are involved in all we do. Jane encourages residents to become involved. She helps build confidence and skills through support and training. Jane carries out estate visits with Resident Voice members. She checks our service standards with the assistance of residents. She organises our Big Conversation.

Intouch email focus group

Our email focus group helps ensure all our residents can have their say.

Community partners

Our daily contact for our neighbourhoods. By becoming one of our community partners you can help make sure the services are up to scratch and let us know anything that needs improving. 

Residents' associations

These are a great way to get involved in what happens locally. Click for more information.


We hold regular forums such as our complaints' review panel, repairs improvement panel and the repairs focus group.

Leaseholder forums

This meets twice a year. Members discuss the development of services and information for leaseholders. A steering group works with us to make it a vibrant consultative body. We have leaseholder resident associations.


Many of our residents are among our volunteers. It's a great way to get involved, learn new skills and meet new people. 

Big Conversation

Every year every member of staff meets residents in their homes and listens to their views for our Big Conversation. These then shape how we develop our services.


Any resident can become a shareholder. You receive an annual report and an invitation to our annual general meeting. This is where we elect the board and approve the annual accounts. Shareholders can speak and vote. Potential shareholders must buy a £1 share. You will then be proposed for membership at the next board meeting and will receive a share certificate soon after. For more information email