What being a tenant means

Being a tenant means that you have the right to live in your home for the period set out in your tenancy agreement as long as you pay your rent and meet other conditions.

You are expected to manage and sustain your tenancy and you do not have a right to be move if your circumstances change.


You are responsible for:

  • paying your rent and service charges;
  • using your property only as your only or principal home;
  • keeping the inside of your property in good condition;
  • keeping your garden neat and tidy (including shared gardens);
  • keeping communal items free of all personal items
  • not causing a nuisance or annoying anyone;
  • not changing the structure of the property (for example, by removing a load-bearing wall) or adding an extension;
  • not carrying out alterations without our written permission;
  • do not take in lodgers without first getting our permission;
  • do not keep pets without first getting our permission:
  • do not sublet the property:
  • allowing us into the property to carry out inspections and repairs in the building and in neighbouring properties; and
  • treating your neighbours and our staff with respect. 
  • Your full responsibilities are set out in your tenancy agreement
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