How to avoid Legionella?

Legionella bacteria may contaminate water systems where the conditions such as temperature are right for them to grow.  It then becomes possible to inhale the bacteria in water droplets from for example a shower which may result in illness.


Our responsibilities

  • We undertake legionella risk assessments every 2 years where necessary.
  • As part of these regular checks we will ensure water systems are clean and safe to use.


What you can do

  • Set the correct water temperature. Where possible set hot water cylinders at 60°C or above. Regular use of cold water should ensure temperatures stay below 20°C.
  • De-scale taps and showers every three months or when there is an obvious build-up of scale (in hard water areas, you may need to do this more often).
  • Check the water tank, if you have one and contact us if the lid is missing or damaged.
  • Use water taps once a week this will ensure water doesn’t stand in pipes.
  • Run taps and showers for a couple of minutes when you return from holiday or where the water has not been used for over a week.


Legionella safety

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