Moving out

There are certain actions as a resident you take prior to moving out of your home. We expect the property to be left in a good, clear and clean condition to enable us to quickly make the property ready for someone else to move into.


You will be not allowed to move to another SBHA property if you do not rectify or pay for your damage.


If the property is not left in a good condition (garden, basement or loft), we will recharge you and recover the costs via a debt recovery agency if necessary.  If this happens a county court judgement will be sought which will affect your credit rating.

We will not accept responsibility for anything you leave in the Property.

When you move out, we want to make it as easy for you as possible, but you need to meet the end-of-tenancy standard.



This means you must:

  • Ensure that anyone living with you also moves out. If not your tenancy will continue together with all the associated costs.
  • Take all pets with you. If you leave any behind we will share your information with the RSPCA and the police.
  • Pay all the rent you owe us.
  • Pay for any repairs we have carried out.
  • Provide us with all keys to the property e.g. doors, windows, letter box, communal door, meter cupboard, by midday on the Monday after the end of tenancy.
  • Provide us with any gas and electric pre-payment keys.
  • Provide us with your new address.

If you do not do this, we may charge you the total weekly charge until you do.

The standard which you must leave your home in at the end of the tenancy is explained in full in the end-of-tenancy standard.

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