About SBHA

Shepherds Bush Housing Association is part of The Guinness Partnership and operates as a subsidiary. SBHA is an award winning community focused housing association based in west London. Established by Reverend Asbridge in 1966, our vision today is as steadfast as it was then, for everybody in west London to have a safe and affordable place to call home.

Our priority is to provide housing for those most in need, we work with a wide demographic of customers from all walks of life. We have more than 5000 homes, throughout nine boroughs in west London, and provide a range of community services including debt and budget advice.

The Association works at local and national level to support, develop and influence housing policy and shape issues that matter to our residents, none more important than our current work on the national building safety programme. 

Our History

Shepherds Bush Housing Association was founded in 1966 by members of St Stephen's Church in Shepherds Bush, led by Reverend Asbridge . They were deeply concerned about the appalling conditions in which their local community lived. Slum landlords were exploiting private tenants, charging extortionate rents for rooms in run down properties there was a chronic shortage of safe and affordable homes. That same year, Ken Loach's influential social documentary 'Cathy Come Home' was screened by the BBC and watched by a quarter of the population.

Reverend Asbridge got people together to "acquire and administer property for letting to needy families". Early financing was a mixture of loans and donations, both private and from organisations like the newly formed homeless charity Shelter.

In the following years the Association continued to buy and renovate run down properties, providing them for the most in need. The 1974 Housing Act created grants for social housing, this meant we could build homes, giving greater scope to create the family homes so badly needed. In early 1980s, we offered shared ownership for the first time. It now accounts for almost one in four of our homes.

About Shepherds Bush Housing Group

About Shepherds Bush Housing Association

Part of The Guinness Partnership, we have more than 5000 homes, throughout nine boroughs in west London

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