Our Mission, Vision and Values










Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a fantastic level of service to each and everyone of our customers and to ensure all of our homes receive the reinvestment they deserve. We want to make sure our customers live in accommodation that they are proud to call home. To make this happen we will be ramping up our reinvestment programme over the next several years. 

Our Mission

Our priority is to provide housing for those most in need, we work with some of the most vulnerable people in our society. We have more than 5000 homes, throughout nine boroughs in west London, and provide a range of community services including debt and budget advice.

The Association works at local and national level to support, develop and influence housing policy and shape issues that matter to our residents, none more important than our current work on the national fire safety ‘cladding’ programme.

Our Values

We pride ourselves on doing the best we possibly can to provide affordable homes and services that have a positive impact on the local communities we serve.

Our values are integral to our success:

Accountable  Accountable

Taking ownership for how we behave, spend money, and deliver high performing services to each other and our customers.

Caring  Caring

Supporting each other and building strong relationships.

Community Focused   Community focused

Putting our community and customers first.

Innovative  Innovative

Keeping an open mind to new ideas and being motivated to make a positive impact.

About Shepherds Bush Housing Group

About Shepherds Bush Housing Association

Part of The Guinness Partnership, we have more than 5000 homes, throughout nine boroughs in west London

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