What can you do to reduce noise

Illustration of a megaphoneIt is important to be a good neighbour. With a little consideration, you can reduce noise and get on better with your neighbours. You can do small things that could make a big difference.

To be a good neighbour please don't:

» using your vacuum cleaner, washing machine, food processor or DIY tools between 11pm and 7am;

» put your television, or sound system against walls that you share with neighbours;

» allow your children to run around inside or outside your property late at night; or

» allow your children to play in communal areas, where playing is not allowed.

If you have a dog, do not leave them outside for long periods. Alwys ensure they have regular exercise. This may reduce the amount they bark.

If you are planning a party, please:

» inform your neighbours, on all sides;

» give your neighbours a start and end time;

» encourage your guests to stay inside your home (if you have outside space). This will confine the noise to inside your home;

» give your neighbours a contact number so that they can inform you if the party is too loud;

» invite a suitable number of guests for the size of your home;

» advise your guests to leave your home in a quiet and respectable manner; and

» invite your neighbours!