Supporting our residents financially during the outbreak

We know this is a difficult time and there will be financial worries for some people.

We encourage residents who may be struggling with finances to contact us as soon as possible or as soon as their circumstances change. Our team is ready to help.

Following the closure of our offices, our Income Team is providing telephone appointments for advice and support. Please contact us to make an appointment.


Rent re-payment plan 

This can include deferred payments and/or payments in instalments. This will not include a waiver of any rent due but please be assured we will be very sympathetic to revised payment plans that go beyond the restrictions in place.


Debt and benefit advice 

This team also helps people who feel they might be at risk of getting into debt. They offer you free support, advice and assistance in making claims for any benefits you might be entitled to. 


Frozen management fee 

We have frozen our management fee for shared owners (also called leaseholders). If any estate or services for communal facilities need to be reduced due to Government restrictions, this will result in service charges being reduced. 


'Rent holidays' and 'mortgage holidays'

You may have read about 'rent holidays' and ‘mortgage holidays’. We need to continue to collect rent payments as usual, in accordance with your lease or tenancy agreement. We are ready to support and work with you if you are worried about making rent or mortgage payments, or are unable to do so.

If you have an outstanding mortgage on your property, you may be eligible for a ‘mortgage holiday’ subject to your mortgage lender’s criteria. Mortgage holidays are not usually waivers of money owed but are deferred payment arrangements. Please contact your mortgage provider about this.


Priority and non-priority debts 

If you have any concerns about your finances or you’re unable to maintain priority and non-priority debts - such as credit cards or utility bills - please contact us.

Rent increases

We have information specifically about this here. If you have concerns about paying your rent please contact us.


Useful information

Self-employed government grants 

The Government released information about the Self-employment Income Support Scheme. Self-employed workers will be able to receive an amount equivalent to 80% of their monthly average income. This is up to £2,500 per month. Learn more here about the grants here.


Universal Credit 

If you are unable to pay your rent or household bills, we can help you make an urgent claim for Universal Credit. Learn more about Universal Credit and how to make a claim here.


Statutory Sick Pay 

If you have contracted Coronavirus and are self-isolating, you can make a claim for Statutory Sick Pay. Your claim for Statutory Sick Pay will begin the day you make the claim. You will be awarded £94.25 per week for the next 28 weeks.  


What to do if you’ve lost your job or are on a zero hours contract 

If you have lost your job or are on a zero hours contract, you can apply for Universal Credit or the Employment Support Allowance. Learn more about the Government's Employment Support Allowance here.



With everyone now observing the Government guidance on staying home, it is a good opportunity to set realistic budgets for the months ahead. Learn more about budgeting here.