Supported accommodation for young people and young mothers

We own several developments in the London borough of Hounslow which offer a range of housing services to young people with different needs.


Sheltered accommodation for young mothers

We provide housing services for young mothers and their babies. Residents have their own cooking and washing facilities along with shared lounges and secluded gardens. These services are managed by Look Ahead - a specialist support provider for people living in London and the South East.

The young mothers are referred to live in the schemes by Hounslow Homeless Persons' Unit. Most of the mothers are aged under 21. They usually move in when they're around six months pregnant and stay for up to two years, or until they move on to permanent housing.

The homes provide a safe and stable environment at a critical time in their lives where they can create a caring, loving home for their child. They also provide an opportunity to develop their skills with one-to-one support and training from dedicated support staff who help them prepare to move into independent living.


Sheltered accommodation for young people

We own two developments which offer semi-independent accommodation for young people aged 16 to 24. One of these schemes also offers emergency accommodation for up to five young people aged between 16 and 17 or newly homeless people. This is for up to eight weeks. The homes provide residents with their own self-contained flat. Our additional facilities include a lounge, kitchen for cookery lessons, plus an IT suite and an interview room


Sheltered accommodation for young females

We work with Look Ahead to provide accommodation solely for young females in one of our developments. Look Ahead help the residents develop skills, prepare for independent living and a positive future through an agreed support programme which includes training, employment and education advice, and regular one-to-one support with dedicated support workers.