Staying safe in the home

Almost half of all domestic fires are caused by electricity. As a tenant, you are responsible for flagging any electrical problems as soon as they appear. You must also maintain any electrical items you bring into the house.

If you have an electrical problem with an appliance provided by SBHG, please contact us as soon as possible.

How to stay safe in the home

Whilst you should never try to carry out your own electrical repairs, there are some tools you can use to improve electrical safety at home.

1. Register your electrical products 

It’s vital for you to remember to register any new electrical item that you purchase. Registering your product makes it possible for the manufacturer to easily get in touch with you. There’s plenty of advice on how to register a product

2. Don’t overload your sockets

Most people have extension leads in their homes, to increase the number of appliances that they can plug into a wall socket. Although there is space for multiple appliances, it is not always safe to use it in this way. This socket calculator will help you find out if you're overloading your sockets.

3. Make visual checks

There are a few visual checks you should regularly carry out to ensure your home is safe. Electrical Safety First have developed a smartphone app which highlights potential dangers in each room. The app also explains how to resolve simple, non-technical problems. When more serious issues are flagged, you are advised to use a registered electrician. 

If you would like more information on staying safe in the home, visit the Electrical Safety First website.