Meet our executive team.

Executive team

Matt Campion Chief executive Matt Campion

Matt has been chief executive since June 2017. Before his appointment, he was a director at Viridian Housing (now Optivo), and is a board member of Newlon HT. He has worked in the housing sector for 20 years, across housing associations of different sizes, a BME supported housing provider and in local authorities. He has managed housing services across all tenure and ownership types, care and support services, customer service centres, community investment and social impact services, commercial operations and Private Finance Initiative (PFI) projects. Matt has a track record of success in improving customer service, performance, efficiency and in organisational change.

Matt holds a degree in psychology and a master’s degree in housing. Prior to his career in housing, he has worked in mental health services, health promotion, and lecturing in psychology.

Matt is a board member of PlaceShapers. Follow Matt on Twitter (@happymattuk).

Francis Narweh Director of assets Francis Narweh

Francis joined SBHG as director of assets in October 2018. He has worked at director level in a number of housing associations; his last role being Director of Property and Assets at Connexus Housing Group. He has an excellent track record of leading departments that deliver excellent results for residents.

Mary Canavan Director of business support Mary Canavan Mary joined SBHG as director of business support in 2014. Throughout her career, rooted in the public sector, Mary's held a variety of senior management roles in local government, developing organisational capability within challenging financial environments. Prior to joining SBHG Mary was director of human resources at the British Library.
Mohit Jain Director of finance and development Picture of Mohit Jain

Mohit, a chartered accountant, joined SBHG as director of finance and development in 2017. Prior to joining Mohit was interim finance and IT director at Gateway Housing. He joined Southern Housing Group as director of financial planning and investments in 2012, progressing to deputy finance director. He worked for 12 years in the telecoms sector, in the UK and internationally, with responsibilities ranging from mergers and acquisitions to managing local finance operations.

Donna Shepherd Director of housing services Donna Shepherd

Donna has been director of housing services since December 2014, and has 19 years of housing expertise. Before joining SBHG, she worked at Home Group for 6 years. Donna has worked across different housing associations and local authorities, managing a mixed tenure, including private lettings and ownership housing portfolio. Within this she has also managed resident involvement, community investment, customer services centre and resident scrutiny. Donna also has a degree in Housing Management and Development, has been a board member, and has lectured in Housing Management. Donna is a board member of Give Us A Chance.

Andrew Warner Director of innovation Andrew Warner, director of innovation

Andrew joined SBHG as Director of Innovation in January 2019 having worked extensively in the logistics sector and more recently as Director of Business Improvement at the National Pharmacy Association. Andrew has a track record of delivering innovation and change programmes with a focus on business process, systems and digitisation. He is responsible for the management and implementation of our Future 50 programme. Find out more about Future 50 in our annual review's Year Ahead page.