Resident Voice Scrutiny Panel

Resident Voice logo Our new Resident Voice Scrutiny Panel plays a very important role in making sure we deliver services in a way that meets both resident and business needs.

Our Panel brings together residents to check and challenge how we operate and scrutinise our services. It’s all about making sure we provide excellent services that meet the standards we've set out.

The Panel is completely independent, entirely resident-led and holds SBHA to account. Members are fully trained to carry out reviews, supported by an executive scrutiny champion and an independent consultant.

If you are interested in joining Resident Voice please email


Panel members

Wendy Llewellyn

Wendy joined RV to learn more about SBHA and be more involved. She said: "All the members are really friendly and everyone listens. I feel a part of something and have an input. We make a difference."


How does the Panel work?

Panel members choose the service areas they want to look into. The Panel then talks to staff, other residents and service partners, and reviews all relevant information to make recommendations for improving the service. Feedback from the Scrutiny Panel goes to our Board and Executive Team who in turn have a duty to respond. The Resident Voice Scrutiny Panel can also get involved in helping us draw up plans for implementing service improvements.


Key facts

» It's completely independent

» It's entirely resident-led

» It holds SBHA to account to its residents

» Panel members are trained to carry out reviews

» Panel is supported by an executive scrutiny champion

» Panel is supported by independent consultant


Benefits of being on the Panel

» You get a real opportunity to influence our services

» A great way to learn new skills 

» Enhance your CV

» Boost your employability.

» You gain an in-depth insight into our work as a social housing provider

» You get training and development opportunities on the way

» You learn new skills and meet new people

» We pay out of pocket expenses including travel and can help with childcare and carer costs

Any resident who is a tenant or leaseholder can apply to join