Resident Voice Scrutiny Panel Person Specification

Resident Voice logo Being a member of RV requires that those participating currently have or can through training and mentoring, develop the essential and desirable competencies to be an active and successful member of RV

All core requirements must be met by all applicants/members of RV. Failure to meet the core requirements will not allow membership to be achieved and invitation to participate with the RV recruitment process.


Core requirements

Applicants must:

» Be over 18 years of age

» Live in a property owned or managed by SBHA and pay rent or service charges

» Be a named person on the tenancy /leasehold agreement

» Not be an employee, board member, business partner or potential business partner of SBHA

» Not be in breach of their tenancy or leasehold agreement

» Not be a named person or part of any current or past legal action against SBHA or RV (excluded are legal cases related to tenancy management, repairs or service charges)

» Not be known/recorded as being a vexatious complainant

» Not have previously had their membership of RV terminated by RV following a majority secret ballot vote by all eligible RV members.


The Competencies required are included in RV recruitment application form and are then checked through an activity-based competency recruitment process. 


Essential individual competencies

» Able to commit to attending meetings and training and be punctual

» Satisfactory literacy, verbal and numeracy skills

» Good listening skills

» Ability to be objective

» Ability to make decisions based on evidence

» Ability to leave personal issues behind

» Ability to analyse, interpret and question

» Ability to weigh up issues and make balanced judgements

» Ability to work independently and as part of a team

» Ability to contribute positively to meetings and complete agreed individual tasks within agreed timeframe

» Ability to be flexible and supportive/accepting of majority decisions

» Show enthusiasm and work conscientiously

» Focus on making improvements that benefit residents

» Ability to maintain high standards of behaviour, abide by the Code of Conduct and the RV core values, maintain confidentiality and work within the Terms of Reference

» Demonstrate at all times honesty and integrity

» Positively contribute to the work of the RV and demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills

» To communicate and respond to RV requests in a timely and courteous manner at all times

» Good numeracy and written/verbal communication skills

» Ability to demonstrate tact and diplomacy

» Ability to share skills and knowledge with other members

» Motivated to work towards improving and maintaining high standards of service for all tenants and leaseholders

» Good organisational skills

» Good interpersonal skills


Individual competencies to be achieved through training

» Assertiveness

» Good telephone manner

» Comfortable using a computer and receiving information by email

» Note taking skills

» Ability to understand graphs and data

» Knowledge and experience of social housing


Group objectives/behaviours

These are the objectives/behaviours that the RV as a group should display. These can be developed over time through training and mentoring.

» RV must work together as a team, with each member playing its part

» RV members must communicate effectively through verbal and written communication with fellow members at all times

» RV must communicate effectively with the SBHA Board, employees and residents through verbal and written communication

» RV should endeavour to deliver all activities as detailed in its agreed annual work plan

»RV must actively promote positive relationships with each other, employees, tenants and leaseholders 

» RV will work towards gaining a good understanding of the scrutiny process and services delivered by SBHA

» RV must have the ability to challenge and negotiate where necessary

» RV must make balanced, evidence-based recommendations

» RV will be involved in proposing and delivering scrutiny reviews, relevant service improvement plans, monitoring outcomes and reality checking of progress

» RV will demonstrate value for money within all reviews

» RV will comply with equality and diversity needs of all tenants and leaseholders