A top performer

Our aim is to be the best in London for our homes and services. We are going to achieve this through excellent performance in all areas. We are committed to improving our services and adapting them to meet the needs of our customers. Measurement plays an important part in helping the board and executive team understand where we need to improve and how much change we have brought about. Publishing this information is also very important to help our stakeholders understand how we are performing and to hold us to account.

Each year, as part of the business planning process, the board agree the key performance indicators (KPIs) that will be used to measure and monitor performance. The indicators selected help the board assess the progress being made in delivering the objectives set in the business plan. Some of these KPIs are retained each year so that trends in performance can be analysed over long periods of time. Others are introduced to assist the board determine how well we are coping with new challenges and priorities.

The 2018 figures will be added in early January 2019.


We monitor satisfaction with our services using regular customer surveys. Our aim is to offer the highest possible service.

Customers surveyed as percentage satisfied with service
Satisfied with... Jan 17 to Mar 17 Apr 17 to Jun 17 Jul 17 to Sep 17 Oct 17 to Dec 17 Target
Repairs desk 85% 84.8% 77.2% 81.3% sad 90%
Repairs service 81% 81.7% 79% 83.1% sad 90%

For up-to-date satisfaction data, please see the results from our latest Big Conversation.

Rent arrears

We aim to maximise rent collection and support residents to pay their rent when due.

Arrears figures as percentage outstanding of total rent
Accommodation Apr 17 to Jun 17 Jul 17 to Sep 17 Oct 17 to Dec 17 Target
Rental 4.80% 5.00% 5.06% smile 4.56%
Temporary 5.16% 5.78% 7.04% sad 4.90%
Leasehold 2.86% 2.39% 2.78% sad 1.80%