Paying rent FAQ's

1) How do I make a rent payment?

View all the ways to pay rent here.


2) How do I request a rent refund?

You can request a refund here. Please note that there is a four to six week wait due to increased demand.


3) I am in arrears, what should I do next?

If you have fallen into arrears, please email us We'll help you make a new rent arrears agreement.

If you have breached your rent arrears agreement or a court order please email to discuss your circumstances. 


4) I have lost my AllPay payment card. How do I get a replacement?

Please contact the Income Team to order a new rent card or order a replacement. Call 020 8996 8874 or email


5) How do I make a claim for Universal Credit or Housing Benefit?

Click here to apply for Universal Credit. Please ensure you have the correct details to hand. i.e.  weekly rent, type of tenancy (joint or sole tenant)

If you are a Private Lettings tenant please check with your Income Officer if you should be making a claim for Universal Credit.


6) How do I amend my rent arrears repayment?

If you are currently experiencing hardship and can no longer pay your rent arrears, contact us. We'll help you to complete an Income and Expenditure form.


7) What is a service charge?

Service charge is a payment made by tenants and leaseholders which covers the cost of services and repairs. The costs could be related to estate/communal cleaning, to large services charges for lift maintenance, fire safety measures and electrical/ lighting.

Sometimes Universal Credit and Housing Benefit will cover the cost of service charge.When completing Universal Credit and Housing Benefit applications, you will need to separate rent from the service charge. You can view this on your most recent Rent Increase letter from April 2020 or in the online Portal. 


8) Why do I pay a service charge?

Tenant and Leaseholders are required to pay service charges so we can continue to maintain your homes. It costs money to continue clean, keep the lights on and the lift working and we as a landlord need the help of tenants to pay for this service.


9) Where can I get rent advice?

Click here to access a variety of advice and useful tips.


10) I've received a letter to say I'm in rent arrears

At the bottom of your rent letter, you will find a timeframe for responding to the Income Team. Contact us as so we can:

a) Explain why you are in arrears

b) Create an early intervention repayment plan

c) Avoid the next stage in the arrears process.

Please call 020 8996 8874 or email as soon as your circumstances change.