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Changes in Government Social Rent Policy

Social rent is changing from April 2020

For the past 4 years, we have decreased rent for most residents. However, due to a change in Government Social Rent policy, rents will be increasing. This will come into effect from April 2020. The increase will depend on the type of tenancy held or if a resident is a leaseholder. We have let all residents know about this through rent statements sent to them in January. Please contact our Debt & Benefits Advice Team regarding any concerns.


What happens next?

»We will write to all residents who will have a rent increase in March.

»Residents directly receiving Housing Benefit must notify their local authority of the rent increase. 

»Residents directly receiving Universal Credit must notify the Department for Work and Pensions on the day of the rent increase.

»Residents paying rent by Standing Order must contact their bank to amend payments.

»Residents in receipt of benefits must check to see if the benefits cover the increased rent.

»Residents who pay rent by Direct Debit or recurring card payment do not have to do anything. We will amend the Direct Debit or card payments.

»Residents who have their Housing Benefit paid directly to us do not have to do anything. We will notify the relevant local authorities.


Value for money

Our rent offers excellent value for money and is far more affordable than the local average. The infographic below shows how we help build communities by providing homes that people can afford. We are transparent on how we spend our income. In the last year we invested £17.5m on investment in our homes. £27.5m building more affordable homes and £1.1m on services for the most vulnerable. Find out more here.

Infographic showing how our average weekly rents compare with the regional weekly average.


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