Landlord FAQ's

1) I am a Landlord and have a property I would like to rent out with SBHG

We are currently not acquiring any properties from new or existing Landlords.


2) I am a Landlord and have an issue with the rent I have received or remittance advice

Please email with your rent enquiry.All our remittance advice is sent via email. Please check your spam and junk folder. If you are unable to find this, please email us on


3) I have a lease with SBHG and it is due to expire

We encourage all landlords to contact us in the last year of their lease. If your lease is due to expire, email us on so we can help.


4) I have been asked to undertake repairs at the property but cannot gain access to the property

When asked to carry out a repair, you will be provided with the name and contact details of the tenant. Please agree a mutually convenient appointment directly with the tenant. Please inform the tenant that they will be liable to pay you for any missed appointments and you should let them know this cost when booking the appointment.

Should you not be able to reach the tenant to book the appointment, please contact our Customer Services Team. On the day of the appointment you or your contractor should call the tenant in advance before you depart to carry out the repair.

Should the tenant not give access please contact us immediately. The terms of your lease state that we will not compensate you for any appointments missed by the tenant. If you would like us to arrange the appointments for you and provide liaison between you and the tenant, we can do so at a minimum charge of £50+VAT for each contact with tenant and you.


5) Why have I have been charged for an Out of Hours Emergency Repair even though I have my own contractor?

The terms of your lease state that we can carry out repairs as a recharge to you. Any repairs we carry out will incur a management fee of 20%. Our minimum call out charge during working hours is £100 + VAT plus parts. The minimum charge for any out of hours or emergency repair is £200+ VAT plus parts. 


6) I have asked SBHG to carry out a repair on my behalf but SBHG are unable to do so. Why has this happened?

Whilst we may offer to repair your property as a recharge, we have no legal obligation to do so. Landlords should have access to their own Contractors and also pay for home care cover for emergencies. Our minimum call out charge during working hours is £100+ VAT per hour plus parts. For out of hours appointments or appointments deemed to be emergencies, we will charge a minimum of  £200+VAT per hour plus parts.  If the repair requires two or more operatives to attend, we will charge per operative.  Any requests for surveys would be charged at a minimum of £200 + VAT. The terms of your lease requires you to have adequate insurance/ home care cover to pay for any repairs.


7) What are my responsibilities in terms of certification?

All landlords are liable to have a valid EPC, Gas and Electric Certificate. Where applicable, landlords must have a valid Fire Risk Assessment for any communal areas. Any recommendation from the Fire Risk Assessment must be carried out. Landlords should also have Asbestos Management Certificate for their property. Should there be asbestos found in the property the recommendation of the survey must be adhered to. If applicable, landlords should have regular test for legionella.  The terms of the lease allow us to carry out certification as a recharge to you. Please also note that we can carry out any remedial works identified as a recharge to you.

8) What costs do I incur if my property is deemed to not be habitable by SBHG?

The terms of your lease state that we will stop your rent and not be liable to pay rent for the duration of the property being unhabitable. You will be recharged any costs of decanting the tenant and any associated costs incurred.


9) Will I receive my property back in the same condition as at start of the lease?

The terms of your lease state that your property will be handed back to you with less wear and tear. Please note that the lease writes off, kitchen, bathroom, furniture and floor coverings irrespective of their age. If the furniture is usable it will be left in the property.

If you are due compensation, the maximum you will receive is 1 week's rent.

As we pay rent in advance, we would expect you to pay back any excess rent you received within 3 days of receiving our handback notice.


10) Am I required to have Buildings Insurance?

The terms of the lease state that you must have adequate building and contents cover to protect your property and any contents that you provide including furniture, furnishings and appliances . This cover should include any malicious damage, accidental damage and all other damages that may occur. You should also have cover to have repairs carried out or have insurance to pay for repairs. You should have insurance to pay for any decant costs that we charge you.