We have more than 900 leaseholders and shared owners who are buying a home with us.

As a leaseholder, you are responsible for everything within your home, except pipes and drains that may serve other properties.

As your landlord and/or freeholder we remain the owner of the building and the land it stands on. We are responsible for the maintenance and repair of the structure and exterior of the building.  Your lease agreement sets out these rights and obligations.

Home ownership team

The home ownership team is responsible for re-sales, staircasing, lease extensions, re-mortgages, legal notices and our expanding portfolio of new build shared ownership and outright sales.

Josephine Burton
Home ownership manager
Tel: 020 8996 4778
Mob: 07970 131 372

Natalie Mogoi
Home ownership officer
Tel: 020 8996 6676

Joe Boateng
Home ownership officer
Tel: 0208 996 4792

Neighbourhood team
Please contact for information on the neighbourhood officer responsible for day-to-day management of your block. The customer service team can also assist with general enquiries or if you wish to report a communal repair.

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AllPay app

AllPay app

The AllPay app allows you to pay your rent quickly and easily any time, anywhere, by securely storing your Payment Reference Number, bank details and payment amounts.

The free app can be downloaded on iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone by visiting the AllPay website. Please call us on 0208 996 4200 for more information.

Do you want to extend your lease?

As the number of years left on a lease decreases, it becomes harder to sell and it may become difficult to raise a mortgage.

To extend your lease, you'll need to make a one-off payment (known as a premium). The Leasehold Advisory Service have an online lease extension calculator, which will give you an indication of how much the premium for your home might be.

For more information, contact the homeownership team with your name and address.