Our FREE debt and welfare benefit advice service

We provide free, independent and confidential debt and/or welfare benefits advice

Call our FREE advice service on: 020 8996 8900 

Our advice line is open from 10:30am to 4pm - Monday to Friday

Who we help

We help a number of housing associations and residents within specific boroughs. These include:

» Shepherds Bush Housing Association
» Thames Valley Housing Association
» Catalyst Housing (Kensington & Chelsea, Ealing and Hounslow residents only)
» All Fulham residents

How we can help

Checking benefit entitlement

» Find out what benefits you could get, their effects on existing benefits, how much you could get and help to claim

Benefit problems

» Challenging benefit decisions, sanctions and delays in payments

Representation at tribunals

» Prepare and submit your appeal and representation at your tribunal hearing

Priority/non priority debts

» Assistance with all debts, including rent, council tax and mortgage arrears
» Help you to explore insolvency options, including advice and support to apply for a Debt Relief Order or Bankruptcy, or referral for IVAs and debt management plans

Negotiating with creditors

» Preparation of a financial statement that reflects your full situation
» Negotiation with bailiffs and court enforcement officers
» Help you to make sustainable and affordable offers to your creditors

Money management

» Budgeting advice
» Maximising your income and minimising your outgoings

If you feel that you are having trouble with any of the issues above, please don't hesitate to contact us. Call our free advice service on 020 8996 8900.