Welfare & Benefit Advice Service

Our Welfare and Benefit Advice Team provide free and confidential benefit advice to our tenants and leaseholders.

Please call our free advice service on 0208 996 8900.
Our lines are open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. 


How we can help

Checking benefit entitlement

» Finding out what benefits you could get, their effects on existing benefits, how much you could get and helping you make a claim.


Benefit problems

» Challenging benefit decisions, sanctions and delays in payments.


Representation at tribunals

» Preparing and submitting your appeal and representation at your tribunal hearing.


Priority/non priority debts

» Assistance with all debts, including rent, council tax and mortgage arrears.

» If you are struggling with debts such as store card, credit card, pay day loans or would like to explore your options surrounding Debt Relief Orders or bankruptcy, please contact the Welfare & Benefit Advisors for a list of charities and organisation that can support you.


Negotiating with creditors

» Preparation of a financial statement that reflects your full situation.

» Negotiation with bailiffs and court enforcement officers.

» Help you to make sustainable and affordable offers to your creditors.


Money management

» Budgeting advice.

» Maximising income and applying for help from charities.