Going for green!

We try to be green in everything we do. We understand that what we do now has a lasting impact. By 'going for green' we create better communities now and for future generations.  trees


Our determination to be ever greener and more energy efficient is a focus in all we do, from the homes we build, to the services we offer, to the home improvements we make.


Greener homes

We have made 355 of our homes greener. This included installing energy efficient measures in 125 homes. We're now investing over £1 million in making kitchens and bathrooms in our homes more energy efficient. Our investment focuses on ensuring all our properties have the most energy efficient (A rated) boilers, windows, strong insulation and more. All this helps keep homes warm, reduces bills and lowers our carbon footprint

We upgraded the windows in 50 homes with the most energy efficient, A rated, windows. This exceeds the minimum requirement to fit C rated ones. We're on track to meet our target of fitting another 85 homes with the upgraded windows. The upgraded windows are 'Secure by Design', meaning residents are kept extra warm and safe.Art Wood green

Being green is also about looking after our homes and creating environments people want to live in. We keep our neighbourhoods and shared areas clean and safe. We are always finding new ways to do this better. We moved our neighbourhood cleaning and maintenance service inhouse to be delivered by Estate Pride. This means we can better monitor quality and keep improving to deliver the best possible service.

Building green

We're working hard to build green, affordable housing. We're currently building Hillingdon's first Passiv Haus in West Drayton; 16 new homes built to the world's highest energy performance standards. Residents can expect a reduction in energy bills of up to 80% a year.  Calverton Place green

Residents have also moved into our Art Wood Apartments, also in West Drayton. The building's design provides rooftop gardens and allotments. This creates a green, open space for relaxation and for growing plants and food. This is all part of the care we take to create homes people love that also benefit the local community.   

Find out more about the homes we're building here.

Our green facts

Our green facts

» Made 355 of our homes greener

» Installed energy efficient measures in 125 homes

» Building the first Passiv Haus in Hillingdon

» Passiv Haus will reduce energy bills by up to 80%

» Creating green spaces as part of our new developments 

» Furnish saved 720 tonnes of furniture from landfill

» Furnish gave furniture to 3900 households

» Furnish shop attracts 300 customers a day