Future 50 transformation programme

Image of Future 50 logo Through our 2018-2023 Corporate Strategy, we have set ourselves ambitious targets.  These are:

> 90% resident satisfaction
We will work to drive up our resident satisfaction through improved repairs and maintenance services, more digital, easy to use and simple self-service options and a better understanding of individual resident’s needs. We will position residents at the front and centre of our business.

> 200 residents into employment and training
Through our Community Investment services, we will provide support for our residents to access employment, training and apprenticeship opportunities. Helping our residents into work improves their quality of life and prospects.

> Increase our Operating Margin to 34%
We will increase our Operating Margin by driving forward efficiencies throughout the organisation.

> Develop 2,000 homes by 2028
We will deliver 2,000 new homes over the next 10 years, investing £600m into our development programme.

> Platinum accreditation for IIP
We will create a culture in which people know that they are critical to the success of our organisation. We will invest in colleagues and our leadership team to drive this forward.  We will make this a place where our people are proud to work.

Future 50
In isolation, these 5 core targets are achievable. But together and simultaneously, they are ambitious and are more stretching. We’re committed to service excellence and believe that achieving our objectives is worth the hard work required.  Anything less than brilliant services and a fantastic place to work is not good enough for us.

To deliver the changes that are needed in service quality, growth and financial performance we need to start doing things differently, putting our residents at the heart of what we do; whilst delivering social value through building more homes.

The most significant element in our five year plan is changing the way we do things as a business – our customer insight, our organisational design, our processes, our people and culture, our data and our technology

To achieve our corporate strategy, we can’t stand still. To get there, we have introduced the Future 50 programme. Future 50 is the vehicle that will position us in a way we can achieve our corporate strategy – by transforming the whole organisation.

Our process

The Future 50 programme was launched at our annual staff conference in June 2018. This followed the launch of our Corporate Strategy earlier that year. In order to manage our process of complete business transformation, we segmented our Future 50 programme into three core stages;

Diagnose > Design > Deliver 

Diagnose (June 2018 to May 2019)
The Diagnose process gave us a consolidated overview of where we are as business at present. It reviewed the six key pillars that drive our organisation;

1. Our Customer Insight
2. Our Organisational Design
3. Our Processes
4. Our People and Culture
5. Our Data
6. Our Technology

The Diagnose process culminated in a series of recommendations which have informed our next phase of Future 50, design.

Design (May 2019 to September 2019) 
The design stage comes in two components, firstly, the design of a new business blue print to create a Target Operating Model (TOM) - in the context of our Corporate Strategy, Diagnose stage findings and sector benchmarking. Following and building on this, design will also create a series of individual projects to get us from where we are to where we want to be.

Deliver - planning and implementation (September 2019 onwards)
Deliver is the final stage of the process, where the ‘rubber hits the road’ and we deliver the projects and step changes into the business.   

This three-step process will see us through Future 50 and ultimately result in the delivery of our corporate strategic objectives by 2023 (2028 for development).

In January 2019, we appointed our Director for Innovation to lead Future 50. The newly created innovation directorate has a mix of Project Management Specialists and Change Agents from within the business. We are also working with a consultancy specialised in business transformation to ensure that we are seeing beyond our own horizons and to act as a critical friend.