Fire wardens & change in fire policy

The Government has issued new guidance around fire safety in residential buildings. We are supportive of this new guidance, which means some changes to the checks we need to carry out on our buildings. 

In accordance with the Government’s guidance we have also been checking the cladding and external wall systems of our buildings that are over 18 metres in height.

We have always ensured that there is an annual Fire Risk Assessment for any building with common parts.  

Following the latest Fire Risk Assessments, we followed recommendations to change the policy from Stay Put to Evacuate in some of our buildings. We are now commissioning a further fire safety report to understand fully why the policy needs to change.   

As a precaution while we do this, we have installed fire wardens. Their role is to monitor the communal areas for any fire risks and sound an alert in the unlikely event of any fire. We are fully meeting the cost of these wardens. 


If you hear an air horn/other alert, or if the fire wardens bang on your front door, or if you spot a fire you must EVACUATE the building.   

  • You must leave your flat immediately   

  • Close all doors behind you   

  • DO NOT stop to collect any of your belongings   

  • Raise the alarm by dialing 999   

  • Follow the signage to your nearest fire exit   

  • Once you exit the building listen for instructions from the fire warden or London Fire Brigade    

  • DO NOT go back to your flat until emergency services instruct it is safe.   

As always please make sure all communal areas are clear of your personal belonging such as bikes and pushchairs. In the event of a fire, these could delay you getting out or the fire brigade getting in.