Equality and diversity

We have a commitment to ensure that equality and diversity is integrated at the core of our business and responds to the needs of our employees, workers, stakeholders and customers. By accessing, recruiting and developing people from the widest possible talent pool, we gain an insight into different communities. This allows us to generate greater creativity in supporting the diverse needs of our customers and the community.

We are committed to equality and valuing diversity within our workforce and with the volunteers who give their time to us.  We expect everyone to understand and accept their personal responsibility to recognise and value differences and the unique contributions that people make to the way we deliver our services.


What do we mean by equality and diversity?

Equality is a legal framework in the Equality Act 2010, to protect against discrimination, promote equality of opportunity and foster good relations between people with 'protected characteristics'.

Diversity is the valuing of our individual differences and talents, creating a culture where everyone can participate, thrive and contribute. Our goal is to ensure that these commitments, reinforced by our values of, Community Focused, Accountable, Innovative, Caring are embedded in our day-to-day working practices with all our customers, colleagues and partners.  

We integrate equality and diversity into our policy development, service delivery and employment practices

We work to maintain an environment where the needs and aspirations of employees are met, irrespective of the following protected characteristics:

In addition to the Protected Characteristics we will not discriminate on grounds of HIV positivity, working pattern, caring responsibilities, trade union activity, political beliefs, or any other irrelevant grounds. 

Neither will we tolerate either direct or indirect behaviours that are intended to bully, harass, isolate or victimise for reasons connected to individual differences. 

We work with expert organisations such as the Employers’ Forum on Age, Housing Diversity Network and Stonewall to ensure that we use their expertise to help us develop. We also provide regular training and opportunities for discussion on diversity issues for all our employees.