Energy efficiency

There are many simple and low-cost changes you can make to your home and lifestyle to help reduce the amount of energy you use. This will reduce your energy bills and help the environment. trees

» Replace your standard light bulbs with energy efficient light bulbs. One 20 watt low-energy bulb can save £60 over its lifetime compared to a normal 100 watt bulb.

» Turn electrical equipment such as televisions off at the wall. Do not leave them on standby. Devices left on standby waste up to 10% of electricity used in your home.

» Unplug chargers such as mobile phone chargers when they are not in use. They still use electricity even when your mobile is not connected.

» Use the heating programmer and thermostat to control your heating. Turning a thermostat down by 1 degree saves 10% on your heating bills. Use the radiator thermostatic valve to turn the heating off in a room when you are not in it.

» Only fill a kettle with as much water as is needed. If you boil water you are not going to use, you waste electricity and water.

» Regularly defrost fridge and freezer. This will help them operate more efficiently, and therefore use less electricity. Keep your freezer full to improve efficiency. Roll up newspaper and wrap in plastic bags to fill up empty space.

» Wash your clothes at 30 degrees to use less electricity. Also, only washing when you have a full load means you will use the machine less frequently.

» Fix dripping taps. A leaking tap wastes 15 litres a day, which is as much as 5000 litres a year, the equivalent to 35 baths.