Cyclical redecoration


Paint potWe are responsible for the upkeep of the exterior and interior communal areas of your property. Each year a significant proportion of our properties are included on the cyclical redecoration programme. These works include:

» Identifying and organising any repairs to communal areas
» Painting of the exterior of the building, where appropriate
» Painting of wooden window frames
» Painting of the external doors
» Painting of communal areas and communal-side of your front door
» Boundary fence repairs and renewals.

At the beginning of each year, the properties to be painted are identified, and a home MOT survey is carried out to outline the works required.

In many cases, scaffolding is needed to allow painters to reach the higher areas of the building. We also take this opportunity to arrange for any necessary repairs to the roof and guttering to take place while the scaffold is on site. This minimises further disruption. Although we do our best to minimise disruption throughout the painting, we hope to receive your cooperation to ensure the work is completed to your satisfaction.

We are committed to keeping you informed. Before the programme starts, we’ll hold a pre-contract meeting to which all affected residents will be invited. You’ll have the opportunity to have your concerns addressed. A similar meeting will take place after the work has been done. You’ll receive an invitation to these meetings by post. You will also receive a feedback questionnaire once the works to your property have been completed.