How to make a complaint

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Report a repair here

Report an ASB case here


Examples of complaints:

»We have failed to respond to your initial enquiries

»Our staff or contractors were unhelpful or were not polite

»We gave unclear, misleading or unsuitable advice

»Our services were not to a good standard and we did not rectify this

»The length of time taken to provide a service and resolve an issue exceeded our service promise

»Failure to keep you informed of a decision we made.

If we log your enquiry as a formal complaint, we’ll get back to you within two working days via email. We will respond fully to your complaint within 15 working days. If we need more time to carry out an investigation, or to gather more information, we will let you know.


Who can complain?

Anyone who uses or receives a service from Shepherds Bush Housing Association can complain. 


What is not covered by the Complaints Policy

We will not log your enquiry as a formal complaint if it is about:

»A repair, provision of service or action, if the target completion date has not yet passed

»A request for information

»A first-time service request

»Neighbour disputes (please read our Anti-Social Behaviour policy). We will check if our ASB policy and process has been followed correctly.

»A problem that you have known about for over six months before making a complaint about it

»Legal action which you are currently taking against us and which has to do with an same complaint you have made

»Service charge disputes


Complaints Policy

View our Complaints Policy here: Complaints Policy.pdf[pdf] 103KB

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