Our befriending service is a lovely way of making friends.  We match trained volunteers to befriend our older, isolated and housebound residents.

Befrienders can accompany our residents on shopping trips or walks to the bank where mobility allows, or out for a coffee. Home visits are also part of the service where our volunteers can go round for a friendly chat or practical support on a smaller level, for example providing help with reading.

Image of couple

The befriending service unfortunately can't offer personal and domestic care or advice relating to financial or health matters. If you require a higher level of support please contact us as we are here to help you.

Community investment manager Natalie Wright said: "Living in a busy city can sometimes make people feel very isolated and alone. Our befriending service is a lovely way for people to make new friends. Both people get as much out of it as each other. It's satisfying to see friendships form and grow. I'd love to hear from anyone who we can help in this way."