The identification of Asbestos-Containing Material (ACM) in a property does not automatically necessitate its removal. We will always carry out a risk assessment and apply the measures it recommends before deciding on the most appropriate action to take.  

We are committed to ensuring the safety of our employees, residents and the general public with regards to asbestos within our housing stock and communal areas. We will follow a systematic approach to the management of asbestos to ensure it meets the requirements of all relevant legislation relating to asbestos safety and the Landlord Compliance Strategy, which states that we will manage compliance to legislation and best practice relating to its obligations as a landlord.  

Our Responsibilities

- To have an Asbestos Management Plan / Asbestos Survey for each property. It will cover all aspects of the asbestos management process including who is responsible for the management of asbestos, key employees and their responsibilities, the location and condition of the asbestos-containing material (asbestos register, how the risk from this material will be managed, a timetable for action and monitoring arrangements  

- To comply with the general requirements in the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.  

- To take adequate precautions are taken to prevent the release of asbestos fibres.  

- To undertake a risk assessment to determine whether works we [propose is licensable and we may notify the HSE of the works.  

- To produce a plan of work for any works we propose where there is Asbestos. 

- To only employ appropriately qualified and trained operatives to carry out the work. 

- To ensure all appropriate SBHG employees have regular Asbestos Awareness training 

Guidance on this is given on the HSE website.

Your Responsibilities 

- You must allow us access to complete these necessary safety checks, failure to do so will result in us taking legal action to gain access and you will be liable for court costs.  

- You should not carry out any alterations to your home without seeking permission from us. 

- Do not deliberately disturb asbestos that has been identified or presumed to be present.

About Shepherds Bush Housing Group

About Shepherds Bush Housing Group

We have more than 5000 homes, throughout nine boroughs in West London. SBHG is made up of two brands: Shepherds Bush Housing Association and BE WEST. 

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