Accommodation for young mothers

We own two developments in the London Borough of Hounslow which provide housing services for young mothers and their babies. These services are managed by Look Ahead - a specialist provider of support for thousands of people.
The young mothers are referred to live in the developments by Hounslow Homeless Persons' Unit. They are provided with a safe and stable environment at a critical time in their lives. Whilst living in St Agnes House or Elm Court, they can create a caring, loving home for their child, whilst developing their own life skills with one-to-one support from a dedicate support worker.
Most of the mothers are aged under 21. They usually move in when they're around six months pregnant and stay for up to two years, until they move on to permanent housing.
Each resident has her own room and door key. Support staff work in the schemes Monday to Friday helping develop residents' life skills and supporting them. The staff ensure they are aware of their entitlements and are accessing the health and community services they need, and encourage them to get back into work or education.

St Agnes House, Hounslow

In a leafy residential street, this scheme has eight rooms each with their own cooking and washing facilities. There is a shared lounge and a secluded garden.

Elm Court, Hounslow

This has 11 rooms, each with their own kitchen and bathroom. There is a shared lounge and garden.