Our mission as SBHG

We're much more than a landlord. We build communities by providing homes that people can afford and invest in people and places.

We have more than 5000 homes throughout west London and are building more. We've been doing this since 1968 and are a trusted part of the community.

Our mission is social heart, business head, local impact.

Social heart: Our way of working builds and strengthens communities.
Business head: Our way of working means we make a lasting return on investment.
Local impact: Our way of working responds to what's needed locally.

Shepherds Bush Housing Group is made up of:

» SBH Developments*
» Shepherds Bush Housing Association

* SBH Developments is an unregistered company, subsidiary of SBHA and part of SBHG. It has been used for the development of private sale and commercial property sale opportunities but is currently inactive.