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icon of groundwork and green doctors FREE support to help you save money, control your bills and keep warm

We have commissioned the environmental charity Groundwork London to deliver free energy efficiency home visits to help you save money, better connect you to services on offer and keep warm. There is no better time to plan for cold weather than in the mild weather of spring.


To take advantage of a visit straight away you can call 0208 996 4200 now or book via our online form.

What does your FREE visit involve?

Who is eligible?

» Anyone receiving help to pay their rent (Universal Credit/ housing benefit)

» Anyone over 60

» Anyone else who is struggling to pay their energy bills 

» Tenants of SBHA - If you are a homeowner you will not be eligible.

Your FREE visit will include:

» A home survey

» Energy efficiency advice, including fuel switching

» Benefits checks

» Highlight services provided by SBHG

» Installing small measures to stop draughts and save energy;

    » Radiator panels

    » Draught proofing for external wooden doors and windows

    » Low energy light bulbs

    » Water saving measures

    » TV power-down

    » Energy monitor

The visit will last between one - two hours.

Stay Warm Pack (provided to those most in need):

 » A snuggle fleece

 » Thermal gloves, hats and socks

 » Hand warmer

To book your visit call 0208 996 4200 or complete an online form.

Energy efficiency tips

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