InComE project

Picture of Stephanie SpencerDo you need help to move out of your overcrowded home? Are you struggling to get into a career? InComE (Independence Accommodation Employment) can help.

We've helped more than 200 people like Stephanie ([pictured right) begin worthwhile careers and move into their own home.

InComE is working with those living in social housing in Ealing and Hammersmith & Fulham.

You're eligible if you're over 18, either working, studying/training or willing to start and living in an overcrowded home where you are not the tenancy holder.

If you're unemployed, we still want to hear from you. We can help you get going with expert advice, getting job ready training and support. The support is all about what you want to achieve and works with you to try and get there.
Keep watching this space as we're expanding the area we work in all the time.

InComE manager Januszewska said: "It works like this. We know how hard it is to get into the work place when you don't have the skills and experience or don't know how to get into apprenticeships or training. It's even harder when your home is overcrowded and you don't have your own space. So we help you move into short life housing for up to two years while you build your career and salary so that by the time you are ready to move on you can be truly independent."

Picture of InComE logoClick here to read how Hammersmith resident Stephanie moved from unemployment into a £30,000 a year banking career.

You could join people like Stephanie and Liam who we've helped move on to a brighter future.

Your first step is to spend a couple of minutes filling in the enquiry form (see left hand navigation) or by calling 020 8996 4200 for a chat.


Liam's story

Photo of Liam Garnet, InComE project client

“I lived with my mum and siblings in an overcrowded home so I was really pleased to get my own space with the help of InComE. It’s forced me to think about budgeting and has given me the drive to excel in my sports science media degree. I plan to share a house with friends from university so I can remain independent when my time on the project comes to an end. Having my own home has been central to everything.”

Like to know more?

Like to know more?

We'd love to hear from you! Call us on 020 8996 4200 or email