What is noise nuisance

Image of earWe want you to feel comfortable in your home. We know that noise can really affect how you feel in your home. Noise nuisance is conduct which is capable of causing nuisance or annoyance to any person. We have the power to tackle noise from homes and gardens that is taking place between 11pm and 7am.

Examples of noise nuisance include:

» playing a musical instrument, stereo, television or radio loudly;

» dogs barking; and

» having loud parties.

What isn’t noise nuisance?

There are some noises that we can do little about and do not usually consider to be a nuisance. These are normally everyday living noises that happen between 8am and 11pm.

Everyday living noises could include:

» noise from washing machines or vacuum cleaners coming from nearby properties;

» noise from toilet use;

» noise from people walking in nearby properties;

» children playing during daytime hours (indoors and outdoors). This excludes communal areas;

» babies crying; and

» noise from closing cupboards.

If you are experiencing any of this, you could try to speak to the person making the noise directly. You can let them know how their noise is affecting you. They may not be aware that they are disturbing you.