Tenants repair responsibilities

As a tenant you are responsible for some of the repairs and maintenance of your home - always check your tenancy agreement for full details.


Inside the home

  • Regularly test any battery-operated smoke, heat or carbon monoxide detectors and replace batteries as necessary
  • Maintain and renew internal decoration, including cleaning up condensation and mould caused by poor ventilation, insufficient heating or overheating
  • Clear blockages in waste pipes and toilets, even if this is accidental. If the problem persists, contact us
  • Maintain any improvements which you have made yourself
  • Minor repairs to plaster, including filling minor holes and cracks
  • Look after and replace sink plugs, tap washers, toilet seats and lids, shower hoses, shower heads and bath panels
  • Replace light bulbs (including fluorescent tubes), starter motors for strip lights, fuses or any light fittings which you have installed yourself.
  • Fit and maintain doorbells, letterboxes and handles (unless you live in a flat and these are required for the main street door)
  • Repair and maintain kitchen cupboard doors, drawers, cupboard catches and hinges damaged through miss use.
  • Repair or replace keys and locks because of any damage by you, your family or visitors. This also includes repairs or replacements because keys have been lost or stolen
  • Bleed radiators
  • Top up your heating system and replace batteries in thermostats
  • Repairing broken cooker, fitted hob, fitted oven and cooker hood
  • Repair and replace internal doors, door handles and latches, including adapting internal doors to fit carpets and built-in wardrobes.
  • Looking after and replacing floor coverings and carpets
  • Pest control - where it is identified as resulting from lifestyle issues. If we have to intervene then you will be recharged for the service.
  • TV aerials (but not shared aerials which you pay a service charge for).
  • Washing lines.
  • Sheds and outdoor buildings whether you, we or previous tenants have provided these.


Outside the home

  • Maintain dividing fences between you and your neighbour unless they are next to a highway.
  • Prune and maintain all shrubs, trees and grass within your private garden
  • If you have a shed maintenance of this is your responsibility
  • For shared garden (where we do not provide a grounds maintenance service) then you must agree with your neighbours how, together, you will maintain it. 
  • Maintain any improvements made by yourself
  • Keep pathways clear of leaves and debris and undertake minor repairs

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