Residents' associations

These are a great way to have your say in what happens where you live. A residents’ association is a group who take up issues of common interest in relation to their homes, community and general environment.

It's voluntary and represents the views of its membership to us and any other relevant agencies. There are many reasons why people form an association. The main ones are to:
» gain a greater voice when talking to us;
» gain a sense of community by meeting and helping other people;
» keep people informed of issues that affect them;
» be a link between the landlord and the other residents and be consulted on issues and policies.
Residents' associations are recognised, constituted associations with elected committees. They hold four general meetings a year. A committee acts on its behalf between general meetings.

Some resident groups prefer to meet on an informal basis. They are not yet constituted residents’ associations but may evolve into one.

We are willing to support residents form a number of residents’ associations or residents’ forums, whichever they feel is the best way  for the group to operate. We could support and attend their meetings.

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