A policy is a statement of intent: it sets out how we will operate, establishing principles, regulating practice, and acting as a rulebook. A strategy is a statement of vision: it sets out a high-level plan as to how we shall operate, establishing the principles which we shall work to, and the outcomes we aspire to achieve.

When developing policies and strategies we ensure we follow the law, enshrine best practice, respect equality and seek feedback. We seek feedback from the Resident Voice for all customer policies. Our policies and strategies are approved by our executive team or board, and reviewed periodically.

These documents are being reviewed to ensure all the information is up to date.


Customer Policies and Strategies

  1. Adaptations Policy

  2. Allocations and Lettings Policy

  3. Anti-Social Behaviour and Hate Policy

  4. Compensation and Goodwill Gesture Policy

  5. Complaints Policy

  6. Cyclical Planned Works Policy

  7. Decant Policy

  8. Disclaimer - Moving Customer Belongings

  9. Domestic Violence and Abuse Policy

  10. Estate Management Policy

  11. Hate Behaviour Policy

  12. Home Ownership Policy

  13. Kitchen and Bathroom Planned Works Policy

  14. Landlord Compliance Strategy

  15. Lease Extension Policy

  16. Management Transfer Policy 

  17. Mutual Exchange Policy

  18. Pest Control Policy 

  19. Pets Policy

  20. Professional Boundaries Policy

  21. Rent Arrears Policy

  22. Rent Setting Policy

  23. Repairs Policy

  24. Responsive Repairs Policy

  25. Safeguarding Policy

  26. Service Charge Policy

  27. Standard Terms & Conditions of Purchase

  28. Succession Policy.

  29. Tenancy Fraud Policy

  30. Tenancy Policy

  31. Unacceptable Behaviour Policy

  32. Vacant Homes Policy

  33. Whistle-blowing Policy


Corporate Policies and Strategies

  1. Anti Fraud, Anti Bribery and Anti Corruption Policy

  2. Customer Insight Strategy

  3. Health, Safety and Well-being Strategy

  4. Quality and Continuous Improvement Policy

  5. Resident Involvement Strategy

  6. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy


Anti-slavery Statement

Click here to view our anti slavery statement, showing how we mitigate risk in business activities and supply chain.